• Hello! If you've been to a recent show and purchased one of our plants, you may have been heard mention of a care guide. You can find that information here.

    You may also view a general talk I did on Amorphophallus here.

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  1. David

    Amorphophallus (and Other Tuberous Aroids) Care Guide

    General Introduction As with any number of subjects, it's quite easy to get lost in the plethora of information available and become discouraged at what may seem like a daunting task at the beginning stages of mastery. The content here is written primarily from personal experience, sprinkled...
  2. David

    Presentation at Nerd Nite Miami!

    The video has now been linked to the above message.
  3. David

    Dormant Amorphophallus closeups

    At the last IAS SHow & Sale, I met Lester Kallus who took photographs of a few of my plants while they were dormant. I received some that he liked to share, and they look wonderful! The detail is incredible. These pictures are original files, so they are a little large (all are under 5MB each)...
  4. David

    Presentation at Nerd Nite Miami!

    I hope you enjoyed the presentation! This post contains varying information that was briefly touched upon throughout the talk, and as such, some things may not be relevant to your location. At the very least it's likely you can find equivalent programs and groups in your area if you run a search...
  5. David

    Introduction My Story

    I touch briefly upon my history in my Nerd Nite talk, but decided to post a more verbose version for those who may find it interesting. It also has the added benefit of being able to link to something when people ask me too. :D Growing Up As a kid I've always been inquisitive and had a huge...
  6. David

    Results from Our First Event

    Again I'd like to extend my personal gratitude to the garden staff, fellow vendors, and clientele for being welcoming and informative. I gained a lot of knowledge from speaking to each of you and am looking forward to putting together our booth for the next show and making it even better! This...
  7. David

    Amorphophallus muelleri "Diamondback" growing

    While I would've liked the plant to not grow out until after winter, it decided to do it anyway. This is probably the largest plant I currently own, and the leaf is still growing upwards.
  8. David

    Exotic Plant & Orchid Sale at Mounts Botanical Garden

    After getting knocked back from our original plans due to Hurricane Irma earlier this month, I've made arrangements and have been able to secure a spot at the Exotic Plant & Orchid Sale and Indoor Craft Fair at Mounts Botanical Garden this October 7th and 8th! At the show, we'll be selling a...
  9. David

    Impact from Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma hampered many plans for people across Florida, including our own. While we are safe and sound, as most would correctly assume, the International Aroid Show & Sale was sadly cancelled. At the moment, the show may be rescheduled for later this year but more likely we won't see the...