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Exotic Plant & Orchid Sale at Mounts Botanical Garden


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After getting knocked back from our original plans due to Hurricane Irma earlier this month, I've made arrangements and have been able to secure a spot at the Exotic Plant & Orchid Sale and Indoor Craft Fair at Mounts Botanical Garden this October 7th and 8th! At the show, we'll be selling a variety of Amorphophallus, a number of Gonatopus bovinii, a possibly a few carnivorous plants (this last item being tentative). I'm really excited to have this opportunity come to fruition and I hope to see you there! The show details are as follows:

Mounts Botanical Garden, October 7 & October 8
531 North Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Entry fee to the garden and other information is listed on their site here: https://www.mounts.org/event/exotic-plant-orchid-sale-indoor-craft-fair/2017-10-07/

In addition to the above, I'm hard at work on building some additional functionality for the site that should be enabled within the next month or so following the show. The storm may have delayed some things, but I'm not stopping! I hope you guys enjoy what will come. :)